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Hello, Travel Tape listeners. Have a look around and check out some episodes. Leave me a message on the Contact page.


Welcome To The Show!

Travel Tape is a narrative-driven audio podcast from veteran guidebook and feature writer Robert Scott Kelly. The podcast covers travel in the wide sense, with a preference for the type of stories, and people, you would search for after visiting somewhere a dozen times, and still yearned to know more.


1. Interviews With Adventurers On The Road 

Think of these as a mini-series. Through multiple interviews (from 15-25 minutes in length) I cover not only the stories and anecdotes of longterm travel (as it is happening), but also the changes in the heart and the mind as customs become more familiar, and as personal goals are reached, thwarted, or altered completely.

2. Documentaries

Documentary-style episodes tend to be a bit longer (30-50 minutes in length) and really go for broke with deeply researched content and immersive soundscapes. As with the adventurers series, some topics are covered over multiple episodes though most stand alone.

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