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Apr 17, 2017

In the UNESCO Heritage town of Malacca, Malaysia, a Good Friday evening procession that began in the 16th century continues to this day. This Travel Tape podcast uses live recording from the 2016 event, and interviews with local historian Colin Goh, to immerse you in the walk and its complex history.

At the centre of the story is St. Peter's Church, founded by Portuguese immigrants to Malacca, and a fraternity of Augustinian monks. The monks are credited with keeping the procession's traditions alive century after century even during periods where it was forced to go underground.


  • live recordings from the 2016 Good Friday procession
  • sounds of the haunting funeral dirges
  • history of Malacca and St. Peter's Church from a local expert


St. Peter's Church
No. 8 Heeren House