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Mar 31, 2017

Joshua Cook travels the world one teaching gig at a time. He's just finished a year in Bhutan, the reclusive, exclusive Buddhist kingdom, and has set off on a 6-month motorcycle journey across the Himalayas.

In this first interview with Travel Tape, Joshua is in Nepal reflecting on the rare experience of living for a year in Bhutan. He explains how he saw traditional culture, from clothing to religious faith, so well preserved. He answers at length the question "is Bhutan really the happiest place on Earth?" He talks about the dream origins of his desire to travel the region by motorcycle, and then opens up at the end to reflect on his life as a wanderer with no fixed address.

If you've ever wanted to travel the Himalayas, this interview is also a fount of practical advice on both navigating it by motorcycle, and also planning hikes across some of the region's great circuits.